Against new products’ development and project CMO’s feature,we established the unique and strict quality management system which meets GMP, the purpose is to meet the customers’ requirements to quality and complete the projects in high quality so that we can avoid failure in the last minute. We will work on the quality research before manufacturers, help manufacturers to establish quality standard efficiently and supervise the implementation of standards as the independent third party later to ensure the products’ quality and release in double ways. Professional and transparent work patterns gained many customers’ recognition and they even authorized us to release some special manufacturers’ products.

We added quality system to ERP, implement and control the quality management strictly. 

Methods Validation

Impurities Study


Customer complaint

Deviation Investigation

Factory Pre-audit and Assisted Audit

Authorized Products’ Test and Release

Help customers to evaluate and choose qualified manufacturers
· Choose sutiable production and pre-audit systematically according to customers' requirments
Establish quality standard,Study on impurities and stability
· Validate analysis methods transferred by customers
· Or develop analytical method by ourselves and communicate with customers to reach an agreement
Turn over quality standards and analysis methods to manufacturers
· Help manufacturers to establish quality standard effectively by turning over complete files of quality standards and analysis methods to accelerate the projects
Supervise the implementation of qualitystandards
· Supervise the implementation of standards as the independent party and keep in touch with customers effectively
Supervise the whole process of products' release
· Analysis the products independently,ensure the products’ quality and release in double way and supervise packages,weigh,marks and quality files

Since 2015,our yearly complaint rate for products is below 1% by order,including the complaints led by the quality standards added by customers after their orders.