In the last decade,Harvechem devoted much to information construction every year,improved our level in company operation’s  process and data management continually and prefect quality traceability mechanism continually. The customized ERP system covers the whole business process,every data detail from communication to deal, from project management to quality control can be recorded detailedly and truly and can be analyzed automatically;For example, we established thousands of quality standards and corresponding analysis methods to different products even different customers’ requirements to the same product to ensure that our products’ quality can be showed up consistently ant any time.

AI is never be so closed to us,our next goal is to change company operation from process and data management to smart management to make data service for business more smartly and help customers have better experience to our projects, thus promoting company’s sustainable development.

· Product

Collect products’ information extensively and  effectively , track in long-term  and  analysis market tendency smartly, be able to respond to customers’ requirements quickly;

Be able to develop derivative product by analyzing feature technology that products refer to

· Suppliers Management

We manage suppliers effectively in long-term, smartly analysis and know about the reliability of  suppliers through data in all aspects.

Discovering cooperation potential in project CMO by analyzing suppliers’ technical excellence and product ability.

· Quality Management

GMP quality Management system  added in ERP system,which can manage quality system and files system effectively, moreover, quality system and files system are traceable

Effective smart ERP system cover

all levels in management

It’s a powerful tool for business


Suppliers Management

Quality Management